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At SanYou, we take a deviated route towards Baijiu nirvana. Here, It’s about elevating and discovering flavour combinations, modern cocktail making techniques.


We keep reservation for up to 15 min unless informed of late arrival.

We have two area: The Cocktail Bar and a more casual counter area, you may highlight your preference and we will try our best to accommodate.


The counter is where friends gather in larger groups.

Drinks are a lot more casual, all served in long drinks with a focus on lighter aroma baijiu paired with tasty local teas and fruits.

Baijiu Tasting

When you come over, make sure to ask our team for a proper session of tasting. We gathered a bit more than 300 bottles and counting! Some of these where gift from master distillers not even sold. There are really tasty things there!

Tasty cocktail recipe from SanYou Counter

These simple recipe are easy to recreate and are not very sensitive to what baijiu you use, as long as it’s a light aroma like FenJiu or Er Guo Tou from Beijing, it will work great

SanYou Counter Bar Signature – THAI TEA

Jiangxiaobai cello – 40ml

Hot brewed Thai tea (Strong infusion) – 120ml

Lemon juice – 20ml

Lemongrass Syrup – 20ml

Infuse 500ml of Jiangxiaobai or a light aroma Baijiu with the peels (Without any white pit) of 5 lemons and 100 gr of sugar, let it rest for 5 days at room temperature. Pour all the ingredients into the shaker, fill with ice, shake well, and pour into the Collins cup, add one lemon slice and one lime slice as decoration.

SanYou Counter Bar Signature – Florida Sunshine

Lemon Leaf baitiao baijiu – 20ml

Baked oolong tea – 120ml

Florida Cordial – 60ml

Infuse a Light Aroma Baijiu with lemon leaves, Keffir leaves work also great but are very powerful, leave it at room temperature for 3 days and remove the leaves. The baked Oolong is a type of Oolong tea very tasty that should be easy to find at fine tea shops. Pour all the ingredients into the shaker, fill with ice, shake well, and pour into the cocktail glass after double filtering.

Bar SanYou Cocktail creation and Cocktail Menu

Everything about Baijiu

Opening Hours

7:00 PM – 2:00 AM


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