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Rotovap made it easy

We have been flying with various models of Rotovap, all are made in China, where we live and have our bar. This gave us a lot of change for trial.
It gave us the idea to make them affordable for everyone (where laws permits the use of it of course)
Also, any models, from here or from some of the best (and expensive) brands from around the world will have parts that brakes. it just happens. We are here to provide spare parts and maintenance equipments for yours

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Flavor extractions

Pushing boundaries on the flavor game

A rotary evaporator separates different compounds based on multiple factors
Due to it’s lower distillation point (In general, at around 40 Deg Celsius for bar & restaurant applications) a rotovap comes very handy for more delicate flavors such as herbs and flowers.
You can extract woods from whisky, water from grapefruit juice and so on.

Molecules separations

Have you ever wondered what taste like a chill without spiciness?

The best Chefs and Bartenders are very curious
It’s always about exploring new flavors and creating experiences for their guests.
That comes handy if you can make a blue cheese water or white chocolate and fresh passionfruit gin!

Mocktail and Low ABV Cocktails

Opening a new world of possibilities for lower ABV cocktails

A rotovap works great at extracting alcohol from a liquid
But what’s happen to the “Left over”? It becomes an amazing base for mocktails, sodas and syrups
Think of iconic flavors like Campari, Disarono, Fernet Branca. they are loved by the industry.

Creativity like never before

White Chocolate & Passion fruit Gin? Crystal clear amaro and bitters?

A rotovap was one of the key success at Hope & Sesame and to many great bars around the world
IT opens doors to flavors not possibly achievable without it.

RotoVap FAQ

A rotary evaporator, or rotavap as we like to call it in the industry is similar to normal distillation equipment. There is a liquid heated, that turn into vapor and then condensing in a collecting jar.

The unique feature of a rotovap is that the process is done under low pressure as a vacuum pump is attached to the distillate machine.
This unique feature give us more flexibility on the temperature desired to distill liquids. And since it’s at much lower temperatures than their normal boiling points with the ambient pressure, there are less impact on flavors and ingredients.

It is important that before purchasing one, you research what are the current laws in your country as there are lot’s of regulation around alcohol production in places.