Resources and ideas

Here is a gathering of what we have done, of other bars and some useful links from various websites that we use.


It might be a good time to learn how to use Illustrator or other apps to design posters, labels and so on. You are better off learning and doing it rather than spending too much money to outsource the work as cash flow is king in hard times. For that, there are countless youtube tutorials

You can also start with templates, that way, it’s much easier to get a great looking poster rather than doing it from scratch.

We use a lot the website Envato Elements ( For no much fees, you get to download tons of templates, logos and so on. most of them are quite well explained on how to use for even the most beginners. Another option is a website called Fiverr ( where you pay a designer online and within a day or few, he does your design request, like a bottled cocktail or a poster… There are probably a lot more of these websites, try to gather all your ideas, Keep your Bar or venue DNA so that guests that knows you will immediately recognize your products. Remember our cans, they are white and gree, same colors as our bar entrance, with a big logo on the front. It helps.

Sharing knowledge

Share with the industry your knowledge, once all are back, they will have added powers! It’s a great time to learn and share. Live videos and tutorials are a great way to stay connected with industry peers as well as costumers.