K o m b u c h a

Moming is born from a strong wish to bring back the wonderful world of fermented beverages to China.

As Marcia grow up in the province of Xinjiang, China, there was lots of inspiration to take from elders.

After cofounding Hope & Sesame, an award winning cocktail bar in Guangzhou, she started various fermentation trials and projects at the bar’s preparation & lab room.

A healthy and fun way of “slow life” is what people do search for nowadays. Marcia hope that through her various innovative fermented beverages, she will contribute to people’s wellbeing and sense of harmony with a style.

Visiting Moming Fermentation workshop

Come to visit us in Dongshankou where we brew our Kombucha and give private classes with all tips and advices to make tasty & balanced Kombucha, fruit wines, Lacto fermentations and other fermented beverages

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Moming Kombucha available 

Opening Hours

2:00 PM – 10:00 PM



MiaoQian Xijie 58, Dongshankou, Guangzhou





+86 1881 935 3462