Opening Hours: Tue – Sun : 11am – 12pm | Closed on Monday

Address: No.1 Qi Ming Yi Ma Lu, Yue Xiu District, Guangzhou, China |

Contact: (0086)177 2766 2053 /

Charlie’s, located 5min by foot from our cocktail bar Hope & Sesame, is our take on a traditional Italian Caffe. “Artigianale” is the key element, from House-Roasted espresso to handmade fresh pasta & perfect-balanced negronis, it is everything we love about the Italian Caffe culture.
What we aim to do is to create an experience for any guests who walks in, upgrading services commonly expected by cafe-goers.  

Coffee Beans & Coffee Roasting

Most of our green coffee beans come from Yunnan, China. We strive to create our signature espresso blend from coffee plantations promoting fair trade, by roasting the green beans in house, we proudly fly the “made in China” flag high.
Customers can choose their favourite Italian classic coffee from the two of our in-house coffee blends, each giving a complete distinct twist.
Coffee is roasted daily at Charlie’s in order to keep all our beans at the freshest as possible. All of our roasted coffee beans will be available for purchase either whole or grounded.
Coffee roasting masterclass & cupping sessions are also open to public.

Coffee Styles

Coffee products offered will mimic what is found at a traditional Italian caffe. Italian regional specials such as Caffe Anisette & Caffe con Panna will also be recreated at Charlie’s, in order to deliver the most authentic experience.

Aperitivo Hour

Aperitivo is a major focus at Charlie’s. Classic aperitivo cocktails such as the spritz and Negroni will be given a lively twist, whereas our signature will definitely be the in-house roasted coffee cocktails.
Expect a classy-yet casual environment for a drink before or after dinner. 

Food offerings

An all-day food menu is available at Charlie’s. From morning egg & pastry dishes to fresh pasta, antipasti & classic Italian desserts, there is always something to nibble on.