Sake | Shiso & seaweed gin
Amontillado | Verjus | sea salt
Watermelon & grapefruit juice
紫苏海苔金酒 | 纯米清酒 | 干型雪莉酒 | 西瓜 | 西柚 | 酸葡萄汁 | 海盐

To dedicate our love to our sake samurai, Elliot, we had created another sake cocktail. This is a twist on the Saketini. With shiso & seaweed, why not? a bit of amontillado sherry to add a little umami, clarified watermelon & grapefruit to give it a crisp & fresh taste, a bit a sea salt to brighten it up, it just like having a piece of delightful sushi in your mouth.



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