Sesame Aroma! Being pretty much the youngest of all the aromas, “Sesame” aroma is to us, considered as the royalty of all baijiu. The flavor is sort of in between the 3 main baijiu aromas (light, savory and strong) and is made with sorghum, millet or barely fermented in stone pits. Although no actual sesame is added to the distillation process, but because of its production method (High temperature fermentation mainly), it gains that nutty & roasted sesame flavor. The first time we tried it, (that was few months before opening SanYou Modern Baijiu Cocktail Bar) it was a bit of an amazing feeling and probably that day we thought there was more to Baijiu than we thought.The 3 bottles pictures are some of the tastier ones. the white is pretty cheap and the two others comes from the same distillery but from different aged liquid. Oh and the cocktail we made with it, we call it Hope & Sesame Sour, don’t ask why and it’s pretty tasty!

Sesame baijiu

Coconut & Green pea syrup

Cacao bitters

Oolong Tea



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