Welcome to Hope

Our website is brand new, still a lot of work to be done but welcome to Hope! 

 庙前冰室 Hope & Sesame | GZ

Hope & Sesame, a “speakeasy” tucked away behind a traditional Cantonese cafe in the quaint neighbourhood of DongshanKou, serving modern cocktails & nightly live jazz. 

庙前咖啡 Charlie’s

Charlie’s is our take on a traditional Italian Caffe. “Artigianale” is the key element, from House-Roasted espresso to handmade fresh pasta & perfect-balanced negronis

庙前三酉 SanYou Baijiu Bar

At SanYou, we take a deviated route towards Baijiu nirvana. Here, It’s about elevating and discovering flavour combinations, modern culinary & cocktail making techniques.

Online Store | Merchandise

Our online store is coming to life very soon!

Stay tuned.

Moming Kombucha

Marcia Fermentology is a love affair with Kombucha and other fermentation techniques. The team organises regular workshop on fermentation secrets

Spirits Architects – Consultancy

Hope & Sesame consultancy agency, dedicated to bringing fresh ideas, innovative concepts & engaging events to life with our partners across China.