Dear, We had our first website for quite a while and it's now time to upgrade! Lot's of great things are coming up very soon! Apologies as it will take few days to get everything done but please do come again soon! Love,

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Hope & Sesame Team

Hope & Sesame
Hope & Sesame, opened in March 2016 is the first “speakeasy” cocktail bar in Guangzhou.

Opening soon
Our first coffee focused venue will be opening soon, stay tuned!

Opening soon
The restaurant will unveil a new approach of culinary research and experience in Guangzhou

Spirits Architects
The consulting division of Hope & Sesame, focusing on elevating hotels and cocktail bars around China a drink at the time.

Marcia Fermentology
A new beverage company, created by Marcia Xiao, co-owner of Hope & Sesame, will be launching soon.